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Critical Colorado Election 2018


Whether you’re someone who has participated regularly in the voting process, or you’ve never voted before, now is the time to pay attention to what is happening in Colorado and prepare yourself to be an informed voter in the upcoming November elections!

Currently, Conservative/Republicans are the minority in the House of Representatives and they hold the majority in the Senate by 1 vote.  We must increase the margin (or at least maintain it) if Colorado has any chance of not becoming like one of the most progressive states in the country, California.
Should Conservatives/Republicans lose their Senate majority, these are a FEW of the types of changes one might expect to see in Colorado based on the Progressive’s agenda and history in other states and what they’ve actually tried to legislate in Denver in the past.

• Forced to perform marriages that violate their Rights of Conscience
• Forbidden from preaching the full counsel of God on a variety of issues
• Forced to provide transgenders access to the bathrooms of their choice
• Forced to hire those who don’t share their Biblical values
• Backdoor fees and taxes on church property
• State–administered programs for youth that may mandate Pastor, Youth Pastor participation

• Transference of Parental Rights to State Bureaucracies
• Lowering the age of consent for mental health services to 12 without parental consent.
• Prohibit counseling that promotes healthy sexual practices or affirms biological gender
• Children would be expected to inform authorities of parent’s or family members activities/behaviors, 

    Ex: gun ownership.
• Elimination of immunization exemptions
• Erosion of the unalienable Constitutional right to defend yourself (2nd Amendment)
• Forced into state-controlled healthcare, eliminating personal choice (new taxes/no-opt out)

• Further restrictions to gun ownership, through a variety of different ways, including denial of possession     based on “mental health” issues defined by the State.
• Erosion of the unalienable right to defend yourself (2nd Amendment)
• Forced into state-controlled healthcare, eliminating personal choice (new taxes/no-opt out)
    If you value:  *The Rights of Conscience, *the fundamental right of a parent to direct the upbringing, care     and education of their children, *the right to defend the God-given definition of the family and     traditional marriage as well as gender identity, *the right to self-defense and *the right to free speech,     you must vote for the RIGHT candidate in November.  

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