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Vickie Tonkins for El Paso County Commissioner District 5

Conservative * Faithful * Leadership


dave schultheis

Dave Schultheis


Hello neighbors in El Paso County, 

As a former Colorado House Representative (2000 – 2007) and Colorado State Senator (2007 – 2011) it is with great expectancy, for our county, I write this endorsement for Vickie Tonkins as a candidate for County Commissioner District 5. I know what it takes to stand strong, as a political leader in the face of opposition, and Vickie has what it takes. 

It does not take more than a few minutes being with Vickie, to become convinced that she truly holds a clear and unwavering resolve to stand firm in support of the core conservative values, both fiscal and moral, that the majority of El Paso County citizens hold dear. Her commitment to these values is resolute; it is part of her DNA. 

Vickie is a warrior for truth and she will seek to restore the liberties that government has usurped over the past decades. She will be an excellent El Paso County Commissioner for the citizens of Commission District 5 as well as for all the citizens of El Paso County.” 

When Vickie takes her seat, along with the other Commissioners, I know I will not have to worry about how she will vote; she will have our personal futures in mind.

Hon. Dave Schultheis

Former State House Representative

Former State Senator



Dr. James Dobson


Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to be among the many solid conservatives who are supporting Vickie Tonkins for Colorado El Paso County Commissioner, District 5.

Vickie, with her husband Rex, has strived to positively impact Colorado Springs since moving here in 1996. Their Ministry, The Destiny Project, Inc., has done a wonderful job of guiding young people all over our city, state, and country.

Additionally, Vickie has worked with many different agencies in our city over the years and has been a strong advocate for making El Paso County a great place to live and work—from serving meals to the less fortunate, to working in ministry, to volunteering in her church. She was also instrumental in helping start James Irwin Charter Middle School here in Colorado Springs.

Vickie and her husband are Colorado State Coordinators for the National Day of Prayer bringing together organizations from all over the state for one goal and purpose, to pray. She believes in the rights of all people from the womb to the grave and that our creator, God, gives us those rights.

As a private individual, I am honored to endorse Vickie for El Paso County Commissioner, District 5.

Yours truly,

James C. Dobson, Ph.D.

Anil Mathai

Anil Mathai


Dear El Paso County Republican Voter, 

You are deciding on who to vote for in the race for County Commissioner in District 5. It seems to be a tough decision but I think one candidate clearly stands out based on her character, her integrity, her love for our US Constitution, her knowledge of our Conservative Republican Platform, and greater still, her committed service to her God, her family, and her community. That person is Vickie Tonkins! 

What makes me so encouraged in politics is seeing principled people with a steel spine to fight for truth, for transparency, and for correct solutions to be implemented, and that person is Vickie. Vickie helps develop people in her organization, fights to ensure our natural rights are never challenged, and fights for the people of El Paso County to have a limited government so that WE THE PEOPLE are big and not government!

If you want a County Commissioner in District 5 who is for Limited Government, Better Roads, supports the Rule of Law, is 100% Pro-Life & Pro-Faith, will help you put your family first, then, as a private citizen, I ask you to vote for VICKIE TONKINS FOR EL PASO COUNTY COMMISSIONER in District 5! You will be blessed beyond measure! 

Thank You and May the Lord continue to bless you, your family, El Paso County and the greatest state in the Union - Colorado!

Anil Mathai

Colorado National Delegate to the RNC Convention (2012 & 2016)   


Frank Sinclair

Hello El Paso County,

Vickie Tonkins has a passion to serve .  A passion shared and needed  in the Colorado Springs community.  Vickie is passionate about people of all ilk’s, the fortunate as well as the less fortunate.  Social status doesn't intimidate nor impresses her, she champions for all regardless of social status or standing. 

Vickie is passionate about family. This is evident as you observe her family, which I have had the pleasure of knowing for over 20 years. She is passionate about our families. I know this because of the influence she and her husband had on my three children through The Destiny Project, Inc. camps. 

My children are testaments to the passion Vickie and her husband Rex share for children, their families, and our community.  My children are respectively, a CEO, and two VP's, one at a Fortune 50 company. I owe a lot to the Tonkins for pouring into them and encouraging my children to success. 

Last but certainly not least, Vickie is a legislative dynamo with a firm grasp of policy and a presence that will challenge the status quo. Vickie Tonkins is a leader in every aspect of the word and she will bring fresh energy and perspective as our new County Commissioner. Join with me in getting out the word, Vickie is the candidate we need on the County Commissioner Board.

Frank Sinclair is the Business Development Director at Elite Roofing.  


Frank Sinclair is one of the most connected people in the Colorado Springs Business Community:  

-A member of the Colorado Springs and Tri-Lakes Chambers

-A member of the Better Business Bureau 

-A member of the Military Resource Exchange and the VetNet marketing group 

-Mentors young and new entrepreneurs through groups such as One Million Cups 

-Founding organizer of Front Range Power Connectors. 

-Frank mentors at the Springs Rescue Mission 

-Promotes youth through Big Brothers, Big Sisters 

-Promotes our disabled community through the non-profit organization Mosaic. 


Senator Kent lambert

Senator Kent Lambert


Dear County Delegates,

I strongly endorse Vickie Tonkins for County Commissioner for District 5!  

I came to know Vickie during the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and at many other Republican and pro-life events.  

I like Vickie’s consistent commitment to the Core Conservative Republican Principles of limited government, the rule of law, the defense of religious freedom and values, educational choice, and the right to life.  That will translate into a strong commissioner who will support low taxation for families, better roads, a tough prioritized budget, and Second Amendment protections for the right of self-defense.  

Vickie’s academic and professional expertise, organizational skills, and leadership in school and corporate settings will make her a standout leader as a county commissioner!  

Let’s get with it!  Let’s support a true conservative activist who will make a difference!  Vote for Vickie Tonkins!  

Senator Kent Lambert 

State Senator – January 2007 to present

Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy


Dwight johnson

Dwight Johnson


Hello  El Paso County ,  

Honor, Integrity and GREAT Character is the foundation that supports Vickie Tonkins.  I highly endorse Vickie for District 5 County Commissioner.  She will represent me as a constituent in El Paso County, all the other constituents in District 5, and you as a member of El Paso County. 

I have known Vickie for over 15 years and find her to be top shelf material in whatever she does.  When it was time to open James Irwin Middle School, Vickie was the person I asked to help me in that endeavor. When I became ill during our first year of opening, Vickie ran the school and I would have her on any team I would lead. 

Vickie Tonkins will be an OUTSTANDING District 5 County Commissioner. She will always have you and I as her priority. Join me in supporting Vickie Tonkins as the next El Paso County Commissioner for District 5.  Cast your vote for Vickie Tonkins!

Dwight Johnson, LT. Col. (retired) United States Air Force and Former Principal of James Irwin Charter Middle School. 


Andres pico

Andres Pico


Dear Delegates for County Commissioner District 5,

I have known Vickie Tonkins for several years and know her to be a solid leader, organizational expert, and entrepreneur. She is a community focused conservative activist who will always keep the Constitution as well as her moral compass as her guide in making decisions as a County Commissioner.  Vickie has a solid grasp on the issues we face here in El Paso County.  Her focus on values and integrity are what we need in El Paso County government.  

As a resident who lives in County Commissioner District 5, I am proud and honored to be able to add my endorsement for Vickie Tonkins as our next County Commissioner for District 5.

-Andy serves as District 6 Representative on the Colorado Springs City Council (2013 - 2021)

-Andy is the vice chair of the Colorado Springs Utilities Board of Directors and as chair of Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments Board of Directors.

-A retired naval flight officer, Andres “Andy” Pico completed 21 years of active duty with almost 2,000 hours in the E-2 Hawkeye and 600 hours in the E-4B National Emergency Airborne Command Post. 


derrick wilburn

Derrick Wilburn

Dear Delegates for County  Commissioner District 5,

Years ago, I met and made an instant connection with Vickie when we realized how much we had in common. We agreed then, as now, that politicians and the political system has in many ways failed the American people and that what is necessary for the kind of positive changes our communities need is for grassroots activists to rise up, accept a mantle of responsibility and get involved. Which is something both of us have done. We also share the belief that our rights and liberties come not from any man made governing authority but from a sovereign God. 

With these principles as her convictions, Vickie has become a crusader for conservative principles. As former Vice Chairman of the Colorado GOP, I had a unique perspective that allowed me to observe Vickie steadily become more and more involved in the Republican Party and the El Paso County community.  Though important, her successful tenure as President of the Colorado Springs Republican Women's Club is just the tip of her engagement in efforts to restore conservative principles to Colorado Springs and El Paso County. Always present at assemblies, taking notes, talking with elected officials, running for internal offices, elected as Bonus Member to the State Central Committee, and engaging in the unseen, unknown and largely unrewarded volunteer efforts that make the machine work.

For any who believe that what we need in El Paso County and across the country are proven grassroots leaders who remain accountable to constituents and always put God, the Constitution and the Republican Party Platform first - Vickie Tonkins is the right choice for the El Paso County Commission serving District 5.

-Former Vice Chairman of the Colorado GOP

-Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives

-Founder of Conservatives of All Colors Internship Program

-Writer for: The Federalist Papers, Allen West, American Thinker, and Strident Conservative

henry allen, JR.

Henry Allen, Jr.


Dear El Paso County Commissioner District 5 Delegates,

If you had walked into a gathering of older black folks 100 years ago, you would have found that most of them would have been Republican, The Republican, party of Lincoln, party of the Emancipation. Party that pushed not only black votes but also black politicians during that post-bellum period known as Reconstruction.

Today, it is almost the exact opposite. That migration of black voters away from the GOP reached its last phase about 50 years ago. The events of 1964 marked a dramatic shift in voting patterns for Black voters supporting the Democratic Party in greater numbers that still exist today.

The majority of blacks believe the Republican Party is the Party least interested in putting people's rights before corporate rights. It does not seem like republicans are for the regular people, for civil rights, they are not doing anything to help the people. Republicans are all for themselves.

I deeply feel the Republican Party and the citizens of El Paso County have a unique opportunity to dispel these myths by electing, for the first time in its history, a hardworking, fully qualified African American Republican female as the County Commissioner for District 5. 

I historically do not endorse any candidate but I do support those candidates that I believe still carry the torch of civil rights and social justice, much of what the Republican Party was founded on. The individual I believe that still has the original vision is Vickie Tonkins.

She was the first in her immediate family to attend college. She has been active in her church. She has worked in the Business Development office for the City of Hickory. Vickie is a strong supporter of the second Amendment. She is active politically in Colorado Springs. She is the President of Colorado Springs Republican Women’s Club, Vickie was an Alternate Delegate to the GOP National Convention, and she was elected Bonus member of the County Republican Party. 

I ask you to cast your vote for Vickie Tonkins as the next County Commissioner in District 5. Her experience and love for all people in El Paso County will serve us well.

-President of Pikes Peak Southern Leadership Conference

-Twenty-Four year US Army Veteran 

-Retired El Paso County Deputy Sheriff