P.O. Box 62253, Colorado Springs, CO 80962
Vickie Tonkins for El Paso County Commissioner District 5

Conservative * Faithful * Leadership

Where Vickie Stands on your Issues

Better Roads and Bridges

Constitutionally, government is limited in its duties to citizens; roads and infrastructure are part of those duties. Prioritize the budget!

Fiscal Conservative

Let us make El Paso County a place that welcomes business and creates a thriving environment for every citizen's prosperity. Jobs, not more taxes!  

Supports Law Enforcement

El Paso County  Sheriff, Fire and Rescue services need a budget designed to support the safety of our community. Stamp out lawlessness!  

100% Pro-Life, Pro-Faith

Never should government conflict with their Constitutional duty to protect the most vulnerable and defend our God-given freedoms.   

Smaller Government

Big government is not the solution.  As Ronald Reagan said, "Government is the problem". We need to grow the economy, not the bureaucracy. 

Your Family First

Vickie knows that families provide the best support structure, especially for children, who need nurture and structure in a safe community.